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   Current Projects

939 Coast Boulevard Puako Bay 28 Boulder View

939 Coast Boulevard

La Jolla, California
Distressed Purchase and Renovation Transaction. Purchase of an aged oceanfront condominium from an estate for $1,850,000. Renovation in process. Expected improvement costs are $400,000 with an anticipated listing price at $3,900,000.

Puako Bay

The Big Island, Hawaii
Land Purchase and Entitlement Transaction, currently in process. Purchase of 6.7 acre oceanfront parcel in a short-sale at $5,600,000. Creating a 3-lot subdivision for rare oceanfront estate lots. LLC structure with a private equity partner. Expected value of over $15,000,000 after $2,000,000 infrastructure investment.

28 Boulder View

Shady Canyon, California
Development of the largest and the most beautiful residence ever offered in Shady Canyon, Orange County. Listed at $14,888,888.

    Representative Accomplishments

Pauoa Beach Arrabelle 7 Lochmoor Lane

2010:  Lot One, Pauoa Beach

The Big Island, Hawaii
Invest and Flip Transaction. Purchase of a single-family oceanfront lot within the Mauna Lani Resort. Purchased at public foreclosure auction at $3,600,000. Sold twenty-eight days later at $5,400,000. Completed in partnership with a private equity partner.

2008:  Arrabelle 455

Vail, Colorado.
Invest and Flip Transaction. Purchase of a contract to purchase a ski-in/ski-out condominium in the heart of Vail during pre-construction phase. Invested $670,000 for 2.5 years, returning $3,230,000 in a double-closing upon completion.

2008:  7 Lochmoor Lane

Newport Beach, California.
Distressed Purchase Transaction. Purchase of a completed single family home from a distressed seller at $4,410,000 in 2005. Minor improvements made at less than $50,000. Sold in a severely declining market in 2008 at $6,000,000.

Emerald Bay 602 Bachelor Ridge 1225 Cliff Drive

2007:  171 Emerald Bay

Laguna Beach, California.
Land Purchase and Entitlement Transaction. Purchased oceanfront single-family home lot for $10,000,000. Sold 18 months later with approved home plans, in a declining economy, for $14,000,000.

2007:  602 Bachelor Ridge

Bachelor Gulch, Colorado.
Complete Home Development Transaction. Purchased land and built a 10,000 square foot custom ski-in/ski-out home at a total cost basis of $11,400,000. Sold in a declining market in 2007 at Bachelor Gulch record price of $14,500,000. (Still the community record).

2005:  1225 Cliff Drive

Laguna Beach, California.
Renovation Transaction. Purchase of a distressed oceanfront home, regarded by most as a tear-down. Purchased at $2,850,000; renovated for $600,000. Sold for $8,700,000 after 4 year hold.