West Point.A Practiced & Deliberate Approach.

Everything Starts With Integrity

Our diverse portfolio and tenure in the industry is a direct result of core values – the most central and ever-present being integrity, a value at the heart of our every relationship. We partner only with those with whom we share mutual and absolute confidence and trust – and these relations extend beyond investors, to architects, engineers and designers, to construction teams, to the communities and the owners we serve.

A Practiced & Deliberate Approach

We are attentive students of our markets, and, we do our homework. We conduct focus groups with top Realtors to identify the most current wants, needs and tastes of the consumer. We study national trends and local tastes. We consult with peers, engage architects, manufacturers and the trades – we are always watching and listening. Ours is a seasoned perspective informed by a local market-centric sensibility.

The Future Is Best Built on a Solid Foundation

Important prerequisites for the owners, neighbors and community who are evaluating a partner include the developer’s financial stability, experience, sensitivity to unique location environments and ultimately, the quality and success of the finished project.

On these fronts, West Point’s experience, resources and financial acumen make the firm a compelling business ally. The experience of the management team along with its design, development and construction partners has been earned conceiving, entitling and bringing to market architecturally acclaimed and commercially successful residential and resort projects. Importantly, the group has a demonstrated success in navigating both robust, and harsh economic climates, along the way earning the respect of regional and national financial institutions. The result is confidence in an ever more complex development landscape.

At What Price Comes Value?

Value engineering is an inherent part of our market-driven approach and from planning, usage and revenue models, from permitting to materials to construction all are part of a focus on satisfying every aspect of design, use and budget considerations.

Once development begins, value and quality take on new dimensions – that projects will be completed on time and on budget. And above all, value is measured in a finished product that will itself grow in value. It is telling that resale values of our properties consistently outperform the broad market.